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Susan Walters
Who I am

Im Susan but all my friends call me Sue or Sexy Suzie lol. But Sue is fine with me. I just wanted to add something about  me so you would how and why i decided to create this add.  Well something about me is that i was pre med when i was in school, sadly i couldn’t take the endless hours of studying so I never made it through. I think it was the best/worse idea i ever had. It was best decision because i found my true passion for  music, traveling and blogging. It was the worse decision in the way that well i wet through all of my undergrad just knowing a doctor was what i wanted to be just to realize after 45k + in student debt that i never wanted to be a doctor.

Anyone wanna let me borrow 60k lol. Figure if i’m going to ask might as well add a little extra for myself .  HEHEHEHEH well while i was enrolled in med school i was reading  various medical articles and found one about medical/ surgical mesh and it appears on the surface it had a lot of positive things after digging deeper there were a lot of doctors who hated it. So i decided to post some articles and videos about mesh used in surgeries.